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Top 6 Unique Best PSVR Rhythm Games | PSVR Music Games

Best PSVR Rhythm games to enjoy the EPIC Beats | PlayStation VR Music Games

Feel every minute and every beat while playing these Best Rhythm games on PlayStation VR (Updated August 2020)

Looking for the Best PSVR Rhythm games? Look no further cause these are the most amazing, satisfying, and Best Music Games for PSVR we can find.

Rhythm games have actually been around for a lengthy time. There are rather a few respectable rhythm games out there as well as numerous of them make good use of the PlayStation VR.

 Right here are the Best PSVR Rhythm games.

There are a couple of things in life notably better than music, so undoubtedly there are also fewer things in life far better than songs and also Rhythm VR Games.

 Music stimulates a lot more emotional actions than any other and also generally does so within a couple of brief mins. 

Gaming can make us feel intents in time, yet songs are typically more immediate. Sharing it with your friends and family will make our hard-work much much more appreciable. Let’s get started, shall we?

"PSVR Rhythm Games"

Best PSVR Music games

Here are your
Top 6 Best PlayStation VR Rhythm / Music Games

6. Thumper VR

Best PSVR Games 2019

Thumper is a unique one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It upgrades essentially every part of the experience through splendidly beating visuals, extreme music, and downright rough, instinctive rhythm-based gameplay.

The Game highlights Simple Controls: one stick and one button. Each level is part into a huge number of sublevels, every one of which contains an evaluated checkpoint. 

This guarantees disappointment is never excessively baffling as you’ll just ever need to replay a bunch of seconds before at long last gaining ground again.

Each devastating effect is joined with a beating unique soundtrack. To arrive at synesthetic euphoria, you should experience musicality hellfire.

Some Notable Features...

5. Space Channel 5 VR

Best PlayStation VR Rhythm games

The Dreamcast’s library was jam-packed with exclusives, original IP, and some truly innovative games and one of the many standouts was Sega’s own space channel 5.

space channel 5 is a sci-fi futuristic rhythm game crossed with a 1960s Twiggy aesthetic. so here we are 21 years later playing a VR reimagining of the cult classic with mostly new content and a ton of throwbacks that fans of the original games are gonna love.

in kinda funky news flash, instead of playing as the series staple ULala you now follow a few steps behind her from stage to stage taking down alien invaders as a rookie reporter.

This helps players in VR someone to follow along when they execute dance moves and second it’s a great way to keep the charismatic third-person star of the series on-screen while maintaining a first-person viewpoint.

When you’re in the headset you really feel like you’re inside a 1999 Dreamcast game because the sparse environments and somewhat plastic look of all the characters are replicated perfectly in VR and the dance moves feel pretty good once you get used to knowing just how far up down left and right you need to move.

It also features modes like Story Mode, Arcade, Trial Dance mode in which you play 100 dances in a row, Calories counter, and much much more…

Some Notable Features...

4. Audica

Best VR Game 2019

AUDICA™ is a VR Rhythm Shooter from Harmonix, the producers of Rock Band™ and Dance Central™.

 Equipped with a couple of rhythm blasters, you shoot and crush targets to the beat of a soundtrack that highlights tunes from a portion of the world’s most famous artists. 

The better your planning and precision, the better your score. The better your score, the higher your place on AUDICA’s Leaderboards. It includes a 33-song soundtrack, all set in an entrancing cosmic playground.

AUDICA is fantastically intuitive and vivid from the first time when you play in a fantastic immense arena. Audica is easy to play but hard to ace. On hard difficulty, Audica gameplay is extreme and demanding.

If you want to guarantee a spot at the highest point of the leaderboards, you’ll have to rehearse until you and your blasters become one, playing out a firmly arranged artful dance of beat-impacting splendor.

The bounce in difficulty from Normal>Advanced>Expert is almost great, enabling the player to gradually become accustomed to the mechanics without throwing all the notes at the same time. 

There are additionally some cool hand tricks you can do with the weapons and an amusing Easter egg if you shoot the ideal spot. The battle mode is a breathtaking expansion — an unquestionable requirement for enthusiasts of Rhythm Shooters.

Some Notable Features...

3. Box VR

VR fitness games

Box VR is looking to take the sensation of working out in VR to the next level by essentially removing the game and focusing simply on daily cardio workout routines all without ever having to leave the house.

You stand in one place with music thumping while a series of targets come at you each one color-coordinated to one of your gloves indicating which hand you should be punching with.

There are three types of blocks that can only be taken out with the correct motion–jabs, hooks, and uppercuts along with walls to avoid and queues to block all of which need to be accomplished successfully to maintain your combo and achieve the highest possible score.

The game keeps track of which classes you’ve completed, the number of calories you’ve burned. It also sets a rigorous daily quota for you to meet based on your age size and weight all of this is done against three different backdrops.

There are over a hundred songs to choose from and all are perfectly suited for the task at hand. Box VR is the game that’ll make you sweat and use it as intended as a fitness program. 

Dropping in and playing this every day for 30 minutes or so is a pretty decent way to start your morning’s and in that sense, it is a lot of fun and finishing a class is extremely satisfying.

 If you’re the kind of person who’d rather stay home than go to a gym, Box VR offers an excellent alternative

Some Notable Features...

2. Pistol Whip VR

Best Oculus Quest exercise Games

Pistol Whip is a relentless action-rhythm FPS VR Game. Adventure through a true to life slug hellfire controlled by a very breakneck soundtrack to turn into an absolute action saint legend. It has an enticingly abstract design style. 

Inspired by God-mode films like John Wick and Equilibrium, Pistol Whip tosses you weapon first into a dangerous cluster of hand-crafted combat scenes each set to their own very fast and energetic soundtrack.

 Unlike other rhythm-based VR games, Pistol Whip has no line in the sand; you have total opportunity to shoot, fight, and evade focuses on the rhythm YOU see fit.

Pistol Whip is one of the most exceptional, quickly satisfying action encounters of 2019, in VR. It is a real to life collection of savagery. 

The most unbelievable element of this game is that there is non-stop speed without motion sickness. 

It additionally includes an assortment of gameplay mods, for example, Dual Wield, to empower an ultimate weapon experience. It’s an exceptional traverse between Beat Saber and SUPERHOT

Superhot + Beat Saber = Pistol Whip.

Need to feel like John Wick?

Need to feel like a boss?

Need to feel like Neo?

Then, Buy this game now

Some Notable Features...


vr fitness games

In my opinion, In everybody’s life, music plays an important role. But combining those feeling, that vibe with tetherless experience of the oculus quest takes the experience to a whole next level.

Jump into a vivid mood experience you have never observed! Appreciate the carefully designed levels and solely made electronic move music, all inserted in an engaging modern world and stay aware of the adrenaline-siphoning music… This game is going to make you move!

After playing Beat Saber in VR, everything changed. I felt like I’m a beat slicer Jedi that is on a mission to conquer every song in the world.

The beat saber community is one of the most active, supportive, and engaging communities I’ve ever seen.
Each time I play this game and my psyche and soul become free… Become the Rhythm Star war Jedi and cut your way to the triumph and harmony…

Some Notable Features...

So there you have it, our pick of the very Best Rhythm Games on PSVR. We’re quite fond of listing functions right here at VR Marvelites. 

And If you find some brilliant information then consider commenting and sharing it with your friends and family…


Update — 25/08/20 –  Added Pistol Whip



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