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Top 21 Best PSVR Puzzle Games for Mental Fitness and Toughness

Top 21 Best PSVR Puzzle Games for Mental Fitness and Toughness

In This Post, You Will Discover Some Seriously Great And Best Puzzle VR Games On PlayStation VR of All Time. These VR Games Will Evaluate Your Brain And Will Keep You Excited In Something Efficient Than Just Social Media.

Puzzle games were related to being a simple genre with a simple concept. You fix problems for time killing satisfaction. However, the genre expanded in a huge way in Virtual Reality.

It’s one of the most prominent genres on the whole platform. It began with easy viral video games and evolved right into really delightful experiences.

Virtual Reality supplies a special chance for VR puzzle video game programmers and also PlayStation VR is distinctively suited for smart puzzle video games due to the fact that they’re easy to pick up and also play whenever you have a couple of complimentary moments.

This listing changes and updates quickly as brand-new enigma champions emerge.

If you’re trying to find games that will evaluate your brain, then In this guide, we’re going to break down the very Best PSVR Puzzle Games of all time.

And also for this post/article, we’re concentrating on pure puzzle games, indicating that solving puzzles is all you perform in the game. There’s no fight or other systems unless they associate especially with fixing and solving the challenges and puzzles.

Share this post with your Friends and Family who need some mental workout and also to those who love to solve mysteries and puzzles. This list will really help them out. So below are the very best PSVR Puzzle Games. Keep Reading…

“PSVR Puzzle Games”

Best PlayStation VR Puzzle Games

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Here are your
The 21 Best Mind-Bending PlayStation VR Puzzle Games Ever

21. Along Together

  • Developer : Turbo Button
  • Genre : Adventure, Exploration, Puzzle

Along together is a charming platformer where you must help a kid find their missing dog. You control both the kid, and they’re invisible companion to navigate and manipulate the world around you. 

The game has iconic toys from the past hidden that you can find and play as minigames in between levels.

When they need your help, or things get dangerous, they turn to you for assistance. Your goal in this game is to guide the kid through magical worlds and work together to discover hidden secrets.

You harness the power of imagination to lift trees move boulders power incredible machines and create new roads where they are known to follow.

20. Darknet VR

  • Developer : E McNeill
  • Genre : Puzzle, Strategy

Darknet is the PSVR game that places you inside a virtual representation of the internet using nothing but your brain and a bit of software and you must hack your way to financial fortune. The game actually looks surprisingly beautiful when you have the headset on.

The idea of this game is to hack nodes. Each node is a little puzzle, the bigger the more protected the node, the harder the puzzle is. The puzzle is beaten by strategically selecting a blue defense node to hack with a virus that allows the virus to spread to the core before it touches another defense node.

Once you have that node captured you’re rewarded with cash and it decreases the defenses of the nodes that surround it to allow you to more easily hack them. So strategy plays a big role.

the puzzle aspect of the game is actually pretty fun and simple but eventually, the game will have you working up a frantic sweat when you against the clock. Overall Darknet VR is really quite a good game and it’s very pleasant to be inside.

It looks really nice and crisp. The gameplay is not too intense but a nice way to get a cerebral workout.

Some Notable Features…

  • Get Inside The Internet
  • Hacking Simulator In VR
  • Provides A Great Mind Workout
  • Surprisingly Simple Yet Beautiful
  • Strategy + Puzzle-solving Skills = Big Bounty!

19. Angry Birds

SLINGSHOT ANGRY BIRDS IN FIRST PERSON! | Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (Pimax 5K Plus Gameplay)
  • Genre : Casual, Puzzle
  • Developers : Resolution Games

Angry birds have officially flown into VR and my assumptions were extremely high for this game since Angry Birds being such a successful franchise.

If you were anticipating a very sleek experience that really did not cut corners, then you’ll not get disappointed.

You’ve almost certainly played Angry Birds on your phone, so you know the drill.

Mean Green pigs are basing on structures and you need to slingshot Angry Birds to take down the structures as well as damage the green pigs. Various birds have different abilities like exploding birds or birds that get divided into more birds.

The game teems with charm and also personality.

It includes great personality animation with fun little touches like when they turn around to offer you a thumbs-up before you launch them.

Physics is additionally quite possibly done as you would expect and also whenever you can trigger a huge structural avalanche it’s really rewarding.

One spin in the VR version is that you need to teleport around the structure to prepare the best strike as well as in some cases you’ll need to lean or stoop low for the appropriate shot.

There are 4 various globes and each world has 12 normal levels and a final boss level. it’s actually entertaining, fun and well made VR adaption of Angry Birds.

If you’re a completionist then you’ll obtain even more gameplay out of it than I did, and also desire to get an excellent score on every level.

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Physics
  • 4 Worlds to Explore
  • Charming Characters
  • Popular franchise in VR

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18. Transpose VR

Transpose Oculus Rift Gamplay - Mind Bending Virtual Reality Puzzle Game
  • Developer : Secret Location Inc.
  • Genre : Casual, Puzzle, Strategy

Initially launched in late 2018, Transpose is a mind-bending VR Puzzle game that sees you able to create duplicates, or “echos”, of yourself that carry out the exact very same activities you did.

However, of course, the execution is much more difficult than it appears. Coordinating and also synchronizing echos is the key to addressing the game’s 30+ mind-bending puzzles.

I found the overall layout of the video game artistic and also revitalizing but particularly with interfaces on your arms. There’s sliding movement and teleporting.

I had a blast playing this game. Transpose is one of my favorite VR puzzle games.

Some Notable Features…

  • 30+ Mind-Bending Puzzles
  • Never-Seen Before Mechanics
  • Artistic Interface And UI Elements

17. Fantastic Contraption

VR Physics Adventure - Fantastic Contraption
  • Developer : Radial Games Corp.
  • Genre : Casual, Puzzle, Simulation

Fantastic Contraption may be right up your alley if you like hands-on physics puzzle games that make you really feel like an inventor as well as a pit team member at the same time.

Fantastic Contraption is a wayward puzzle video game with lots of characters and lots of levels to keep you busy. The basic premise of this game is to construct an invention to relocate a puzzle item from point A to point B.

The surface in between point A and B might be an incline, a trip of stairways, or any number of insane possibilities. You have to build a simple machine to move your puzzle piece through the surface barrier. 

You are offered various device parts, some that act as electric motors, some that act as wheels, and some that add support to various other components. When you believe you’ve developed the best machine, you push the play switch and see if it functions.

This puzzle VR game is definitely for creative kinds of any ages. The developer added a level editor for producing user-generated content. Users can download and play levels built by other players, which significantly enhances the replay value for this game.

Some Notable Features…

  • A Lot Of Levels
  • Creative VR Puzzle Game
  • Hands-on Puzzle VR Game
  • User-generated Levels To Play
  • Endless Possibilities To Solve Puzzles

16. SuperHyper Cube VR

  • Genre : Arcade, Puzzle
  • Developer : Polytron Corporation

Thumper is a unique one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It upgrades essentially every part of the experience through splendidly beating visuals, extreme music, and downright rough, instinctive rhythm-based gameplay.

The Game highlights Simple Controls: one stick and one button. Each level is part into a huge number of sublevels, every one of which contains an evaluated checkpoint. 

This guarantees disappointment is never excessively baffling as you’ll just ever need to replay a bunch of seconds before at long last gaining ground again.

Each devastating effect is joined with a beating unique soundtrack. To arrive at synesthetic euphoria, you should experience musicality hellfire.

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Little Details
  • Feel Like Video Game God
  • Involves You In VR In A Natural Way
  • Beautifully Crafted Arcade Puzzle VR Game

15. Tethered VR

Tethered PSVR Gameplay Walkthrough Review
  • Genre : Puzzle, Strategy
  • Developer : Secret Sorcery

Tethered VR actually is not a puzzle game per se. It’s a strategy God game where you need to control a civilization of adorable creatures called peeps.

They hatch from eggs and you direct them to harvest resources, build buildings, fight creatures, etc.

It’s not an overly complicated strategy game but there was a lot to keep track of especially when you have lots of peeps running all around with different needs and tasks occurring simultaneously.

The peeps can accomplish any task but will be far more effective for particular tasks if you build the correct building and train them to be specialized for each level.

Another interesting element is the use of weather, you can move sunshine to your crops to regrow them, move rain to the forest to regrow trees, and more the goal of each level is to accumulate enough spirit energy for your totem.

The whole game consists of 13 unique pre-constructed levels and you’ll average about 40 minutes at each level. This is a highly polished strategy game with great graphics and sound design.

If you’re craving a strategy, puzzle VR game then I highly recommend it

Some Notable Features…

  • Become A God
  • Super Polished VR Game
  • Strategy Puzzle VR Game
  • Astonishing Sound Design
  • 13 Unique Pre-constructed Levels

14. HeadMaster

Headmaster - Very Serious Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre : Arcade, Sports
  • Developer : Frame Interactive

Headmaster is a game, where you have footballs and other stuff thrown at your head, combining physics gameplay with a darkly comedic world. This bizarre VR game has been giving many players fits of joy since it launched on the PlayStation VR.

If you’re a football fan or not Headmaster is an awesome VR game that anyone can play because there is so much variety both in single and multiplayer modes.

Its super simple to learn, comfortable to play and you’ll find yourself saying ‘just one more go’ after each play to try and better your high score or to earn all 3 stars.

The world itself is very immersive and the levels are so well designed with each one bringing a new challenge. There are some great surprises along the way too.

Multiplayer is great fun and gets super competitive. The party multiplayer is where you can get the whole family involved.

Lots of humor. Lots of whimsical challenges. This is an absolute hidden gem and the developers have done a great job.

Some Notable Features…

  • Multiplayer Fun
  • Unusual Party VR Game
  • Uniquely Designed Levels
  • Awkwardly Funny VR Game
  • Amazing Physics Mechanics
  • Simple To Play But Hard To Master

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13. Form VR

FORM - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Developer : Charm Games
  • Genre : Adventure, Casual, Puzzle

Form VR is a puzzle box enthusiasts’ desire come true. I appreciated it so much that I located myself wanting for more after I finished the game.

The game has numerous moments where you will claim aloud, “Woah! Great!. This feeling of being moved into an ultra-futuristic scientific research lab is something they nailed very perfectly. Form was most definitely enjoyable as well as delightful to experience.

Some Notable Features…

  • Many Aha! Moments
  • Fun To Play Puzzle Game
  • Spectacular Detailed Environments

12. Statik VR

WEIRDEST PSVR PUZZLE GAME EVER! | Statik (Playstation VR Gameplay)
  • Genre : Puzzle
  • Developer : Tarsier Studios

Statik is a PSVR-exclusive puzzle game, which perfectly utilizes the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller as it was developed to make use of almost every button of the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller. No two puzzles are the same. 

All the puzzles are fully thought-out and well-balanced. In Statik, you are a test subject in a lab where you need to solve puzzles that are strapped to your hands. You can turn the puzzle around to almost any angle you intend to see puzzle components on each side. 

You have to figure out the problem via experimentation and by using ideas, which are commonly found in the atmosphere around you. While you’re trying to find out the problem, the game adds a little stress and anxiety and distraction in the form of scientists that seem to analyze your every step and also creating notes on their clipboards. 

You don’t know what they are searching for or what the function of the experiments are, however, the entire point makes you seem like a guinea pig and motivates a bit of paranoia.

If you possess PlayStation VR and love puzzle games then Statik is an essential VR Puzzle game.

Some Notable Features…

  • Exclusive PSVR Game
  • No Puzzles Are the Same
  • Essential PSVR Puzzle Game
  • Fully Thought-out and Well-balanced Puzzles

11. XING: The Land Beyond

XING: The Land Beyond - Release Trailer | PS4, PS VR
  • Genre : Adventure, Exploration, Puzzle
  • Developer : White Lotus Interactive, LLC

Thumper is a unique one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It upgrades essentially every part of the experience through splendidly beating visuals, extreme music, and downright rough, instinctive rhythm-based gameplay.

The Game highlights Simple Controls: one stick and one button. Each level is part into a huge number of sublevels, every one of which contains an evaluated checkpoint. 

This guarantees disappointment is never excessively baffling as you’ll just ever need to replay a bunch of seconds before at long last gaining ground again.

Each devastating effect is joined with a beating unique soundtrack. To arrive at synesthetic euphoria, you should experience musicality hellfire.

Some Notable Features…

  • Astounding Visuals
  • Astonishing Graphics
  • Remarkable Soundtrack
  • Well-considered Puzzles
  • Puzzle/exploration VR Game
  • Spectacular VR Puzzle Game

10. Moss VR

  • Developer : Polyarc
  • Genre : Adventure, Puzzle

Moss is one of the primary games I played in 2018 that demonstrated that third-individual VR experiences can make the most flawlessly awesome content out on the stage at this moment.

It has the most adorable VR game character Quill… In this game You direct a little mouse named Quill through diorama-sized levels, unsolving the puzzles and taking on disturbing critters in the sword-based fight.

You control her with the DualShock 4 controller like you would some other movement game, which is a seriously amazing feeling

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Engaging story
  • Unique Game Design
  • Outstanding Character design


GNOG - Trailer #2 | PS4, PS VR
  • Genre : Casual, Puzzle
  • Developer : KO_OP, Double Fine

The idea of the game entails inspecting puzzle boxes– in the form of beast heads called GNOGs– which contain a narrative challenge.

In Virtual Reality, you’ll make use of all-natural motions to turn, push, pull, jab, and push the GNOGs in order to open their secrets and also move on to the next challenge.

Step inside the globe of GNOG and it’s not tough to see why Double Fine– whose pedigree consists of Psychonauts– chose to release this thrilling individually developed puzzle VR game.

The game’s music is exceptional, the audio effects are compelling, and all of this collaborates to create a reflective and also extremely comfortable experience. GNOG meets the high quality you would certainly anticipate from a game published by Double Fine

Playing GNOG in VR truly was a meditative experience and I imply that in the best feasible way. It’s such an enchanting aesthetic that it made me reconsider the entire puzzle genre.

I can not overemphasize exactly how satisfied I was by the surroundings in the game. It’s a well-realized and a must-play VR Puzzle Game.

Some Notable Features…

  • Exceptional Audio
  • A Meditative Experience
  • Narrative VR Puzzle Game
  • A Must-play VR Puzzle Game
  • Published By A Well-known Company
  • Satisfying Surroundings And Environments

8. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Real Bomb Squad Defuses A Bomb In Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes • Professionals Play
  • Developer : Steel Crate Games
  • Genre : VR CO-OP, Multiplayer, Asymmentrical, Puzzle

This wild-eyed VR team game, which can be played with or without a VR headset, has players cooperating to defuse a bomb. One player sits in VR with a virtual bomb sitting before them. 

The gadget will be contained different compartments, each with its riddle to fathom. Players must depict these compartments and after that different player, in reality, should flick through a (free) printable manual to locate the correct rules for fathoming the riddle. 

From that point onward, the different sides must cooperate again to beat the test. Get everything directly before that clock hits zero and you can inhale a moan of help. Chaos up and, well, blast.

It’s a wild time yet additionally still outstanding amongst other VR encounters out there.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • VR Team Game
  • Best Co-Op VR Game
  • Very Challenging Riddles
  • Clear instructions = Victory

7. Red Matter

  • Developers : Vertical Robot
  • Genre : Puzzle, Adventure, Horror

Red Matter is a story-driven VR puzzle adventure game. 

Though Red matter is one of the best-looking and visually stunning games on the quest, the frightful story and challenging puzzles in the game, makes Red Matter an overall amazing and very memorable experience. 

In red Matter, you’re sent to one of Saturn’s moons to investigate a top-secret research facility that has left a mysterious mark.

The facility is abandoned, and it’s up to you to discover what has happened there. 

Red Matter isn’t a jump-scare VR game, but it can get a little creepy at times with the tone of the game.

You’ll be solving grand puzzles with a variety of technical tools to uncover the mystery of what’s actually occurring in this project shift. 

If you’re the kind of person that wants a gripping story and mind-boggling puzzles that you can just play sitting down instead of dancing around with all these rhythm games, then this is a great one. 

Red Matter still stands as one of my favourite VR experiences on the quest from any genre yet.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yOlkwLaUC4

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6. The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets

Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets On Oculus Quest Is So Chill
  • Developer : Fast Travel Games
  • Genre : Puzzle, Adventure, Exploration, Family friendly

The curious tale of the stolen pets is an adventurous puzzle and exploration game where you need to find all the pets that have been hidden inside tiny worlds and It is a purely family-friendly fun

There are five tiny worlds, each with a unique theme to find all the hidden pets. In each world, sometimes you’ll just need to explore, but most of the time, you need to solve a tiny puzzle to free the pet, and to do that, you’ll just need to look around and figure it out yourself.

The gameplay is pretty intuitive, and it’s easy to get going right away. The design and animation are exceptional, and it is visually gorgeous, and everything in the tiny worlds is brimming with charm. 

Besides finding the pets, there are also hidden coins to find, and finding all those can get tricky. The pure innocent fun, the curious tale the stolen pets is $14.99

Some Notable Features…

  • Brain Challenger
  • Impressive visuals
  • Pure family friendly
  • Beautifully crafted worlds
  • Adventurous Puzzle VR Game
  • Exceptional animations and design
  • Five different themes and worlds to explore

5. I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die On Oculus Quest Will Test Your Nerves
  • Genre : Puzzle
  • Developer : Schell Games

It challenges your mind and makes you consider new ideas to solve these challenging and hard puzzles.

I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game that places you in the well-polished shoes of a world-class secret operator. You must attempt to survive lethal situations in immersive and dangerous locales.

Complete every operation using critical thinking skills and wits… and use the power of telekinesis that every one of our agents is outfitted with. Use it and whatever resources you can discover to escape every situation… or on the other hand kick the die trying.

Every one of the missions are interesting and clever

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Brain Challenger
  • Every one of the missions are special
  • Harder and Challenging than other Puzzle VR Games

4. A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman's Tale - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre : Puzzle
  • Developer : InnerspaceVR

A Fisherman’s Tale figures out how to wind up one of our preferred puzzle games that you can play in VR. In this completely enchanting puzzler, you play as a fisherman living inside a lighthouse. 

This offers a path to some completely mind-blowing VR puzzles, the caring that recharges your excitement for the puzzle genre. 

It additionally helps that the game is an articulate enjoyment from a story and introduction point of view, with whispy French portrayal and entire puppetry visuals. 

Every one of the four levels opens another zone of the lighthouse. Every one of those accompanies its very own turn on that focal advancement. This isn’t just swapping tiles and pushing buttons all together; it’s truly invigorating puzzles.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Minimalistic Visuals
  • Mind-blowing Puzzle Designs
  • Excellent and Engaging Story
  • A true mind-bending puzzle VR Games

3. Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Developers : Zoink Games
  • Genre : Adventure / Puzzle / Family

In Ghost Giant, you monitor an anthropomorphic cat called Louis, assisting him in his pursuit to deal with his family members and individuals of the picturesque town of Sancourt. Like Moss, you’re a large entity assisting the movement from above, connecting with objects to aid Louis to complete his tasks.

The storyline in Ghost Giant is among its most powerful attributes. Assisted no much less by the superb voice acting. To describe Ghost Giant in one sentence: Ghost Giant allows you to enter the vibrant small globe of Sancourt, aiding the townsfolk whilst finding a heartfelt story.

Complete of energy and also zeal he lives with his mum on a farm, aiding her out with day-to-day tasks. It’s such a charming story that you do become attached to this fearless Louis and honestly want to assist him out.

The puzzles are mostly simplified, yet the genuine factor to play Ghost Giant is for its genuine story as well as a captivating atmosphere. Making great use of the innovation, Ghost Giant tells a story that can only be perfectly shown in VR.

You can beat it in a weekend break, but it’ll be a weekend well invested

Some Notable Features…

  • Superb Voice Acting
  • Vibrant Beautiful Town
  • Interesting Gameplay And Puzzles
  • One Of The Best Storyline Featured In VR

2. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Now THIS is a VR Escape Room Game! | The Room VR A Dark Matter Oculus Quest
  • Genre : Puzzle, Adventure
  • Developer : Fireproof Games

Fireproof Games is the developer behind the insanely successful puzzle series of The Room which initially came out for mobile devices. The latest instalment in the franchise is The Room VR: A dark matter, which was built from the ground up exclusively for VR.

The core of the game is about mechanical puzzle boxes, but there’s a deep and cinematic narrative as well. You’re a detective, investigating the disappearance of an esteemed Egyptologist and your journey for answers will take you to many places filled with mystery and magic. 

There are four realms of puzzles with distinct designs within each of these realms are puzzle challenges that are meticulously crafted and original.

Every challenge is unique, and the game stays fresh the whole time. Each of the realms is also quite sizable.

You’re not just solving one puzzle at a time, you will see how all the puzzles are interconnected. The game will also frequently change your perspective, whether it be shrinking, you so you can go inside a machine or granting you a unique lens to see more than you have before. 

The puzzles are expertly crafted, and this is one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played. The interactions with gadgets are legit and feel satisfying. 

There are some moments of spooky ambience like ghostly whispers or menacing tendrils appearing, but it’s not scary at all. I found it incredibly addicting, and whenever I started playing, it was hard to put down. I loved every minute of it.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • 4 realms to explore
  • A well-known franchise
  • Every challenge is unique
  • Incredible VR Puzzle Game
  • Experienced puzzle games developers

1. Tetris Effect

A 1989 TETRIS Expert Plays TETRIS EFFECT for the First Time
  • Genre : Puzzle
  • Developers : Enhance Games

It’s Tetris BABY!! This is the most calming game that I have ever played…It reminded of the 90s when I initially Played it…Ahhhh…that wonderful entrancing recollections and that recollections relieved again

Describing Tetris Effect feels very underserving: It’s the most wonderful game I ever played because the environment the music the controls every one of them is perfect…

They just reexamined the Tetris to “THE TETRIS EFFECT”. It feels amazing to play this game in VR. There’s in no way like submerging yourself in its unusually delightful universes

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Energetic and Ambient Audio
  • Eye-Catching and stunning visuals
  • The Classic Tetris is Back in the ’90s

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So there you have it, our pick of the very Best Puzzle Games on PSVR. We’re quite fond of listing functions right here at VR Marvelites. 

And If you find some brilliant information then consider commenting and sharing it with your friends and family…

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