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Is Merge Cube Free? (Free Apps and Printable Inside)

Merge Cube is extremely affordable but if you want to get it for FREE then here’s how you can in less than 5 minutes!

The way the Merge Cube transforms education into an interactive adventure is unparalleled. Launched in August 2017, it has experienced tremendous growth since then.

It’s like a high-tech Rubik’s Cube, but instead of twisting and turning, it transforms into a digital wonderland through apps. But…

Printable Merge Cube How-To

Yes, there’s a “Free” way to get the Merge Cube and you don’t have to go anywhere. You can print and make your own merge cube at home; just print the “Merge Cube” and follow the instructions shown in the YouTube video embedded below.

Also, this is not illegible. The printout is provided by Merge Virtual Reality, the maker of Merge Cube itself. Here’s the link to the Merge Cube printable: Merge Cube free printable

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More info about Merge Cube: Future of Learning: What is Merge Cube? & How Does It Work?

And if you want, you can buy Merge Cube for $29 (the price may change) on Amazon and other retailers.

After making your Merge Cube for free, you’ll want to test out that magical cube that you’re holding in your hand, right? Don’t worry we’ve done the painstaking task of finding all the amazing apps that support Merge Cube.

Many of them are Free and some of them are paid. Try and see which apps you like and comment below to let others know what is/are your favourite apps!

All you need is a Free Merge EDU account.

(F = Free, $ = Paid, E = educational)

iOS | Android | Microsoft

AnatomyAR+ ($, E) (iOS)

myARquarium (F) (iOS | Android)

CubePaintAR (F & $) (iOS)

DinoDigger ($, E) (iOS | Android)

57° North ($, E) (iOS | Android)

CyberCube ($) (iOS | Android)

AR Kitten ($) (iOS)

Operation Zombie Annihilation ($) (iOS | Android)

BlockAR ($) (iOS | Android))

Moment AR (F, E) (iOS)

Mystical Moon (F & $) (iOS)

HoloGLOBE (F, E) (iOS | Android)

Elemental Order ($) (iOS | Android)

Object Viewer (F, E) (iOS | Android)

Shapes – 3D Geometry Learning ($, E) (iOS)

Shapes – 3D Geometry Drawing ($, E) (iOS | Microsoft)

CellulAR ($, E) (iOS)

MERGE Explorer (F & $, E) (iOS | Android)

Solar School ($, E) (iOS | Android)

You can also upload up to five 3D objects to visualize on the Merge Cube for free. Go here to learn more about uploading your own 3D creations.

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My jaw dropped the moment I learned about the Merge Cube, and it still is. How a simple cube can merge augmented reality and learning just blows my mind, both as a user and a tech enthusiast.

The option to create a Merge Cube at home just shows how much Merge EDU wants to promote immersive education.

We hope this guide has helped you in some way. If it has, please let us know in the comments below!

Until Then Stay Strong VR ARMY!

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