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The 5 Best FREE VR GAMES Like Iron Man On Meta QUEST 2!

5 FREE Iron Man-Like VR Games That You Must Be Playing On Meta Quest (1, 2 + Pro)

It’s Time To Suit Up And Save The City! Not 1 Not 2, Here Is The List Of 5 “FREE” VR Games Like Iron Man VR On Meta Quest To Play In 2023!

Iron Man VR was very successful since the day it was launched after all, who doesn’t want to feel like Tony Stark, suiting up, soaring through the sky and saving the city, right?

So if you’re a fan of Iron Man and you’ve got a Meta Quest headset, here are 5 more absolutely FREE yes FREE VR Games like Iron Man VR that you can play on your Meta Quest 2 headset!

From Swinging to Slashing to Throwing you’re surely gonna have lots of fun all while feeling like a Super Hero.

We all love FREE VR Games, right? Here’s the whole playlist of it: FREE META QUEST GAMES.

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So, Here Is The List Of Best 5 Best FREE VR Games Like Iron Man VR!

5. A Very Potter VR Game

A Very Potter VR Game Trailer
  • Developer: Alex Batschi
  • Genre: Flying, Sports, Magic

Let’s start this list off with A Very Potter VR Game!

Just like Iron Man, it’s an open-world VR game where you step into the shoes of a new witch or wizard student and explore the beautiful wizarding school.

And guess what? You have the ability to use hand gestures and your voice to cast those magic spells, which might make you feel like having your own Jarvis!

So, whether you love Iron Man or Harry Potter, “A Very Potter VR Game” is gonna make you feel like a superhero or a wizard!

A Very Potter VR Game

4. The Silkworm

  • Genre: Adventure, Flying
  • Developers: Sol 5 Studios

Now, moving on to number 4th position, we have – The Silkworm (Spidey fans, this one’s for you!)

Ever wondered what it would be like to swing around the city like Spider-Man? Well, wonder no more!

The Silkworm VR features a huge world full of adventures, where you can fulfil your dream of being Spider-Man!

In “Iron Man VR,” players can fly around various locations, whereas in “The Silkworm,” you can leap, soar and even zip-line your way through the Silky City.

And just like The Silkworm, we have The Web-Guy VR. Both of the games have similar mechanics, so check that game out too!

The Silkworm


3. Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift - Oculus App Labs | Steam Early Access LAUNCH CHRISTMAS EVE 2021
  • Genre: Social, Sports
  • Developer: Corrupted Media Productions

Next up, we have Vertical Shift.

Iron Man is known as one of the best Superhero VR Games, whereas Vertical Shift is one of the Best FREE Flying VR games available on Quest.

Put on your Zenith Suit and fly through arenas, shoot your grapple hooks pull yourself forward and Glide like Batman or use your Jet Packs and propel forward like you’re Iron Man.

With multiple game modes, plenty of cosmetics and available on Meta Quest for the low low price of FREE, Vertical Shift is an absolute must-play for any VR gamer who loves Iron Man VR.

Vertical Shift

2. Project Demigod – Demo

Project Demigod Demo on Oculus Quest 2 Oculus
  • Genre: Action, Fighting, Flying
  • Developer: Omnifarious Studios LLC

Project Demigod is an action-packed VR game where you can become the Hero of your dreams.

Iron Man VR features a variety of weapons and Repulsor Blasts to take down enemies, and Project Demigod VR offers a range of superpowers that you can combine to create your own unique combat sequences.

Although this is a demo, you can still do a lot of things.

The game utilizes physics-based mechanics, providing satisfying combat encounters as you fight, fly, swing, shoot, and smash your way through ragdoll enemies – Exactly like Iron Man VR!

I would say that it just feels like a beta version of Iron Man VR…

Project Demigod – Demo

1. Attack On Quest

Attack On Quest VR Titan Fan Game
  • Developer: Mark
  • Genre: Adventure, Combat

Finally, on number 1st position on the list we have placed Attack on Quest! If you happen to be an anime lover then this is a GEM!

Attack on Quest is a fan game available for free at SideQuest and on Itch.io.

You play as a Scout member, and move at full speed to battle Titans using the 3D Maneuver Gear!

In Iron Man VR you get to explore Tony’s garage, And in Attack on Quest, you can visit various iconic maps from the anime such as the Crystal Caves or Shigansina.

While both games cater two different fan bases, there are similar features like unique movement mechanics, action-packed combat, & multiplayer mode.

The developer continues to support the game, constantly including different improvements and new features!

Attack On Quest

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So, there you have it! The 5 Best FREE Games Like Iron Man VR On Meta Quest That You Need To Play!

So buckle up Super Heros because as we’ll know – With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility!

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And we’ll see you on the next one. Until then, STAY STRONG VR ARMY!

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