Best Side Quest Games to Sideload on Oculus Quest (2020) | Sideload

Best Side Quest Games to Sideload on Oculus Quest (2020)

New to sideloading and don’t know what to play? Then check out this list of Best Side Quest Games to Sideload on Oculus Quest. These are the quality free experiences you can play right now by sideloading via SideQuest.
The oculus quest is a marvelous piece of hardware with a ton of awesome games already on the official quest store, but what else is out there for games that can be easily sideloaded onto the quest. 
To give you even more fantastic content to experience, I have my top side load experiences on the oculus quest, and if you aren’t sure how to sideload, then you can check out the new two-minute guide.
As you have given an immense and colossal response on Top 7 Best Games to Sideload Oculus Quest (Thank you for that reaction), you can consider this as a Part 2 of the series “Best Side Quest Games” since all these games are free to download, and you don’t have to spend a $$$ on purchasing games.
You can read the complete guides, If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest and if you want to try all these games for yourself, it’s effortless to get it all set up.

So I’ve linked a couple of tutorials on how to start sideloading, or you can read the ultimate guide on sidequest. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready to go.

Let’s dive into the list of Best Side Quest Games!

"Best Side Quest Games 2020"

oculus quest sideload games

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Best Side Quest Games to Sideload on Oculus Quest (2020) | Sideload Games

Project Terminus

side quest games

Project Terminus is more of an alpha sample experience than a full-on game. But if you enjoy horror survival games, then project terminus is a tremendous short experience to sideload on your oculus quest. 

Set in Paris during an invasion from an unknown source, and your goal is to survive. 

It isn’t about to jump scares but more about the creepy atmosphere and the helplessness of being chased by an ominous and unknown entity. 

Even though this is an alpha gameplay sequence, it shows a massive amount of polish and potential for the future of terminus as they continue to work on the game. Project terminus is absolutely free on sidequest

Project Terminus VR Alpha Demo Gameplay on Oculus Quest

Dog Corp VR

side quest games

Dog Corp is a special unique game where you need some space because it’s a room-scale title, and it is explicitly created for the quest; It’s wireless freedom the game is advertised as real-world locomotion. It’s true you literally have to walk around the space like in real life.

In dog Corp VR you’ve been separated from your dog, and you want him back, so you have to make your way through a series of rooms blasting away enemies with guns like a dog avenging Robocop.

The USP of this game is its one-to-one scale of your movement. It will create the map based on the size of your play space, and then each of the levels is created based on that mapping. The art side of this game is also chosen very well.

There is a ton of levels for you to enjoy, and I always kept thinking about what’s going to be around the next corner. I can’t give up, saving my dog. Dog Corp VR on sidequest is an oddly entertaining game, and I enjoy it more than I thought, and I think you will too.

DogCorp VR Release Trailer

Half life VR / Lambda 1

side quest games

If you are a PC gamer or have been, for any length of time, then you’ll all know how amazing the original half-life game was. Well, now, with the help of sidequest, you can play half-life on the quest in VR, which is a total dream come true.

The installation is a little more involved, and it does require you to own half-life on PC as this is just a mod of the original game to work on the quest. But I have to say it’s totally worth it. You can find the tutorial here

Being transported into the world of half-life is insane. You really feel the scale of everything, and it’s even creepier in VR. Headcrabs jumping at you becomes a new type of terror. 

Trust me, if you enjoyed half-life in 2D or if you’ve never got around to trying it, then give this a shot, it’s incredible.

How To Play Half Life In VR On Oculus Quest

Pickup League Hockey VR

side quest games

Pickup league hockey is a full-featured multiplayer hockey game using realistic physics and motion controls to create an immersive game that puts you right in the rink with up to five other friends.

Created by a hockey enthusiast, pickup league hockey aims to be the most customizable multiplayer hockey game in VR with plans for selectable player jerseys, stick, skins and more 

VR Hockey! Pick-up League Hockey - Oculus Go Release Trailer

Pavlov VR (Pavlov Shack)

Best VR Games
  • Genre : VR Shooters , Action
  • Developers : Vankrupt Games

Pavlov VR is a virtual reality Counter-strike (type) shooter game which highlights many game modes, brilliant gunplay, and holding ongoing interaction that you can’t quit playing once you start.

Pavlov Shack is the quest version of the game, which was initially called Pavlov Lite. But it was initially supposed to release in December but got pushed back to an indefinite date of early 2020.

The newest version of Pavlov VR for oculus quest which is known as Pavlov Shack is now available directly through sidequest so you’ll be able to download the game onto your headset without any Errors, Viruses and it’s Absolutely FREE!

Now it’s been made significantly more comfortable to snag the game being available directly through sidequest. As you’re probably already aware, Pavlov VR is a realistic first-person multiplayer shooter coming for free to the oculus quest, and it’s unlike anything we currently have to play on the quest store.

You can read the complete guide on how to install Pavlov VR (Pavlov shack) on the oculus quest here, and If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest and want to try this game for yourself, it’s effortless to get it all set up.

So I’ve linked a couple of tutorials on how to start sideloading, or you can read the ultimate guide on sidequest. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready to go. 

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Fantastic Gunplay
  • Committed servers
  • Many Game modes
  • Definite and epic Gun designs
  • Enormous and continually dynamic online Community
New TTT Map Is The Best We've Ever Played! (PAVLOV VR)

Hardlight Blade

oculus quest sideload games

Hardlight Blade is a fun game, but it’s not a fully-fledged game; rather, it’s an enjoyable experience where you can try and get high scores and compete against friends. The game starts by choosing dual wield weapons: A tough choice between a lightsaber or an axe with the ability to customize any color you’d like.

Once chosen the game begins, and you have to survive as long as possible if you’ve selected the lightsaber you be able to slice off body parts and if you’ve chosen the axe you can slice them up too, but you also have the ability to throw it and call it back like Kratos.

The favorite part about this game for me is the music. The soundtracks are fantastic, and it just made me want to play over and over again. The difficulty increases as time goes.

 This game perfectly uses the wireless freedom of the oculus quest because you’re always spinning around -- watch your back for new enemies.

 Hardlight blade has a very arcadey feel to it, which I love because it’s all about just having fun. 

You’ll have a ton of fun playing this for hours, and if you’re bored, this is also a great option. Hardlight Blade is a title that when sideloaded runs really well and it’s free.

Hardlight blade VR Oculus Quest

Quake VR

oculus quest sideload games

Do you remember a little game called quake, and I thought you might because the quake was one of the original true PC defining game.

 Just like I mentioned before, with half-life, playing quake in VR is a totally different experience. The best part is that on the oculus quest, you have full six degrees of motion, and in my opinion, it’s crazy.

Enemies will tower over you, and you can aim your gun with the touch controllers, and there is even a cross-play multiplayer if you’re a fan of the classic FPS PC games.

 Quake in VR is a must-try . It’s still a ton of fun, and we are just amping it up even more. Quake quest is free to sideload on oculus quest. 

Let's Play Quake in VR!

So that’s was my list for the Best Side Quest Games to Sideload on Oculus Quest (2020)

Depending on your preferences, several games will be more qualified for you. We suggest Half Life / Lambda 1and Pavlov Shack as a simple method to play an arrangement of experiences all in one place. 

In my opinion Side Quest is the boon for the indie developers, VR Enthusiasts and obviously Oculus Quest Owners. Side Quest  has a ton to offer gamers with an incredible library of FREE Games that anyone can sideload onto their headset and it’s safe also!

So If you liked the list then consider sharing it. It will mean a lot and also comment what are the games that we missed and what are your favourite sideload games and got ranked.. Comment section of VR Marvelites is always open for the VR Army!

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