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Grab these Black Friday Sale Deals before they are Sold Out!

Cheap, inviting, mind-blowing; whatever synonyms you want to call it. Here are all the amazing wallet-saving virtual reality Black Friday deals that you can’t ‘afford’ to miss (pun intended)

The black Friday sale is officially ON and the discounts on the VR devices and accessories are just too tempting!

I covered the Black Friday deals two years ago, and some of you thanked me for letting them know about these deals. Because I think, big companies and websites don’t see VR as a separate category and mix the accessories in the generic list of “Technology Deals”.

So yeah, here I am yet again, sharing and uncovering all the wallet-saving deals with the VR army! Here are all the amazing VR accessories and devices at the lowest prices ever!

Editor’s Choice: 11 GUN/SHOOTING Accessories For Quest 2 You Need To Buy!

meta-quest-2 headset

The All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset; the Meta Quest 2 is selling for the lowest price ever!

Meta Quest 2 – Holiday Bundle

Kiwi Design VR Accessories

In my opinion, the best 3rd party Meta Quest accessories seller. I’ve been using Kiwi design products for almost a year now and I’ve had 0 issues with any of them.

From head straps to face cover to Link cable; these deals are definitely a “must-checkout” (if that’s a word…lol)

Kiwi Design VR Accessories: 20% to 40% off

Official Meta Quest Accessories

Do I really need to state the benefits of first-party accessories?

Official Meta Quest Accessories

A head strap is not just an accessory, it’s a lifesaver, the gate to comfort and more fun in VR, it’s a “must-have” VR accessory, especially for Meta Quest 2 users like us 🙁

After using the new headstrap, you will feel like everything’s changed. I’m currently using the Kiwi Design Battery Headstrap.

Kawaye Quest 2 Battery Head Strap

A super awesome charging dock for Meta Quest 2 in under $45!

BINBOK VR Charging Dock for Meta Quest 2

A PSVR2 charging dock that also act as a stand for $20? It’s a steal!

PSVR2 and Controller Charging Dock + PSVR 2 Stand

VR is all about the “EXPERIENCE”. The experience of holding a gun, the experience of piercing a knife through the Zombie’s skull or becoming a Jedi and slicing the beats in half.

It’s all about the experience and to ENHANCE that experience, we buy accessories to make us FEEL like We’re REALLY inside that Virtual world.

And this ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extension perfectly captures that VR Experience and “ENHANCES” that Immersion. Read our full review

ZYBER Handle Attachments for Oculus Quest 2

One of the best wireless headsets in the market in the lowest price every!

SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 4 Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming Headset



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