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How to Mod Beat Saber (v1.18) Using Mod Assistant- 5 Step

How to Mod Beat Saber (v1.18) Using Mod Assistant in 5 Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

This Is The Most Comprehensive, Complete Guide Available That Shows You How To Mod Beat Saber To Install Custom Songs, Avatars Etc In Just 5 Steps Which Takes Only 5-7 Min Max.

Today In this post I’m gonna show you How To Mod Beat Saber for Version 1.18.

Modding beat saber has never been any easier. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced modder, for beat saber this is the Ultimate Guide on How To Mod Beat Saber For Version 1.18.

\By Modding Beat Saber you can add custom beat saber songs, platforms, etc that are not officially available

It only takes 5-7 minutes to get it all set up and this is the Complete, Comprehensive, and Illustrated guide on How To Mod Beat Saber.

You don’t have to jump from articles to articles and videos to videos, this is the one-stop post on Modding Beat Saber (for Version 1.18) properly without any errors.

All the required software and resources links are included so you don’t need to worry about searching the software by yourself and you don’t have to jump from articles to videos, this guide will show you EXACTLY how to mod Beat Saber v1.18.

Also at the end of the post, I have added some solutions in case you encounter some problems while modding Beat Saber. So let’s Mod Beat saber

“Beat Saber Modding for Version 1.18”

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Step 1: Uninstalling/Reinstalling Beat Saber (Optional)

How to mod Beat Saber

Before we start installing some mods on Beat saber, there’s a couple of things that we need to take care of. 

This is an optional step but one that I highly recommend because some people experience issues when they try to mod beat saber without Uninstalling or Reinstalling Beat Saber. 

Taking this step will ensure that the previous version of Beat Saber is not interfering in the Mod Installation.

Wherever your custom levels and your custom work in progress levels are, drag those out to your desktop or to a safe place because I want you to delete beat saber and get rid of all those files that were from the previous version

And ensuring nothing messes up when modding Beat Saber on version 1.18. 

How to mod Beat Saber v1.11

Now whether you’re running Beat Saber through Steam or Oculus, go ahead and uninstall Beat Saber from Steam or Oculus. Again this step is completely optional.

If you have any of the custom avatars, custom platforms, etc make sure to save them somewhere on your PC because you don’t want to delete that. 

After deleting all of the files, open up your recycling bin and fully delete beat saber from your hard drive. Now, simply reinstall it and when you’re reinstalling, make sure you note where you’re installing your game.

Like in which drive and folder you’re installing beat saber (refer to the image above) because we’re going to need this later for Modding beat saber.

STEP 2: Run Beat Saber Once Before Downloading Mod Assistant

Once your Beat Saber is downloaded, instantly hit the play button in Steam or Oculus. So we can play the game in its vanilla state with no mod in order to get all that data. After confirming the Health warning, play a level and simply press quit and get out of Beat Saber

STEP 3: Downloading Mod Assistant

Mod Assistant for Beat Saber

Now to Mod Beat Saber, we’re going to be using a Modding program called Mod Assistant

Click the link and it’ll take you to a GitHub page, where you can scroll down and see the “Mod Assistant.exe” and simply download the program. 

Sometimes when downloading mod assistant it’ll say that: “This is a program that we’ve never seen or this file will harm your computer”. Just press keep downloading as its not a harmful software and it won’t harm your PC.

STEP 4: Setting Up Mod Assistant

  • Setting up mod assistant for Modding Beat Saber
  • Setting up mod assistant for Modding Beat Saber

Simply Double click on the Mod Assistant.exe file

Make sure you’re in the intro tab in the top left. And Do note that mods break after every update mods because mods are made by real people in their own free time. So please be patient as not all mods will work the first day or first couple of days after an update.

Press I agree and you’ll get a pop-up in the bottom right corner that says: “You can now use the mods tab”

i. Configuring Beat Saber File Directory in Mod Assistant

  • mod assistant beat saber
  • mod assistant beat saber

Head to the options tab in the left hand side. As I told you, in the beginning, to make sure to note where you downloaded Beat Saber, so now put that directory into this install folder location.

If you’re using Steam or Oculus, the most default or common locations of where this is going to be downloaded are

For Steam: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonBeat Saber
For Oculus: C:Program FilesOculusSoftwareSoftwarehyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber

But if it’s not in that directory, you’ve probably downloaded it to a custom folder or to another drive. After you’ve found your Beat Saber installation folder, you can click on > Open folder to choose Beat Saber from your directory into this install folder location.

STEP 5: Downloading The Mods

  • Downloading Beat Saber Mods
  • Downloading Beat Saber Mods

When you get on the “Mods Tab” one thing you’re gonna want to always download are all of the core mods and there’s gonna be some mods that are already pre-checked for you and some that you can manually discard.

The ones that are in the dark box that is already checked for you are the mods that need to be downloaded for the mod assistant to work perfectly and some of these other ones with the gray box are the ones that you can uncheck yourself.

  • Installing Mods in Beat Saber
  • Installing Mods in Beat Saber

But for the “Core” you need all the core mods. Coming to the libraries section: The Mods that are already checked are going to be the ones that you’re going to download for the proper functioning of the mods. 

But Mods like mapping extensions or ChatCore extensions you won’t necessarily need unless you’re going to be playing a map or level with mapping extensions. 

Now, select all of the Mods that you want and press the install or update button on the bottom. It’ll say installing whatever mods you selected and when it’s done it’ll say: The installed version of the mod that you have near their mod name column.

Let’s say in a week later all these mods get updated by the devs then the installed mod version will be in red and will have a greater latest version that needs to be updated and in general, you should keep your mods updated always to the latest version. 

Voila! Enjoy Your Modded Beat Saber

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Voila! Enjoy your Modded Beat Saber. (Check if you have Modded Beat Saber Perfectly or Not, Read Below ) 

Of course, you can go through all of the mods, and on the right-hand side it has a nice description which you can tap on and it’ll copy text to the clipboard so if you open a notepad and paste the copied description, it’ll tell you the exact description of what each mod does or what the mod that you selected can do.

You can read all the information regarding each mod and then you can figure out what mod does and what mods you want to download. Note that the more mods you download the laggier your game could become because mods aren’t 100% supported by Beat Saber.

The mods just add another layer of customization in Beat Saber, so just be careful with what mods you download because sometimes they will mess up and cause lag.

Ensuring Beat Saber Is Properly Modded

Ensuring Beat Saber Is Properly Modded

Now when we open up Beat Saber we should have all of those mods that we have downloaded in game. A really good sign straight off the bat that the mods have injected properly is that can see that we have a “Mod Settings” tab in the bottom left corner.

Mod Assistant Beat Saber Not Working- What To Do

Mod Assistant Beat Saber Not Working

For some reason, if your mods weren’t in game when you first loaded it up after installing them, simply go ahead and press the “install or update” button in the Mod Assistant again 

Because sometimes it takes two times to inject all the mods. So if it doesn’t show up the first time try again as it happened to me a couple of times in the past. 

If you’ve tried installing mods with the mod assistant program, you’ll see a couple of new things in your beatsaber folder, if you still don’t see mods in game you can run the program called “IPA” inside your Beat Saber folder and that’ll inject all of the Mods for you. 

And Lastly, for all those previous modders, if this is your second time modding feel free to drag all of your custom levels back as well as all of your custom folders such as custom avatars, sabers platforms, etc in the Beat Saber Folder.

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Shazam! Now can enjoy custom beat saber songs, maps, and other customization that are available through this Mod. Thanks and Kudos to all the developers who made this mod in their free time that made our lives a little bit easier.

Comment below if you have any questions or facing any difficulties to Mod Beat Saber, I’ll reply as fast as lightning. Until then Cheers VR Army 

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