Best 15 Oculus quest Multiplayer games – Co-Op , Team quest Games

Top 15 Best Oculus quest Multiplayer Games to play with Friends and Family

Virtual reality (VR) can sometimes create a feeling of isolation, cut off from your friends and family but playing games with our loved ones makes the experience more powerful and immersive. And Now.. It’s finally time for Top 15 Oculus quest multiplayer games and experiences that you got to check out with your friends and family. 

Even family and friends who don’t own their headsets can sometimes get in on the fun. Out of all the best oculus quest games out there, there’s a ton of Quest multiplayer games available on Oculus quest, many with cross-platform support. 

Like our lists of Best Oculus Quest Horror GamesPuzzle games and FPS games, we attempted to concentrate on a combination of multiplayer VR games that uses the capacities and abilities of the oculus quest. 

So you’ll be able to play and chat with fellow VR enthusiasts around the world. It’s going to be an absolute blast as I got a great lineup already for my VR Army!

It’s going to be an absolute thrill and also it will be jam-packed with awesome multiplayer titles that are all unique in their own ways.

 Through this post, you will know which oculus quest multiplayer games are the best and which will be right for you and it’s time to enter the crazy world of Best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games and Let’s jack in. 

"Oculus quest Multiplayer Games"

oculus quest multiplayer games

If you want to know How to Sideload your Oculus quest then check out this guide: How to sideload oculus quest using-sidequest

Here are your Top 15 Best Oculus quest Multiplayer Games to play with Friends and Family

15. Dead and buried 2

oculus quest multiplayer games
  • Developer : Oculus Studios Strike Team
  • Genre : Zombie Shooter

Dead and buried 2 is a multiplayer online shooter based in a supernatural Western locale. This game seems to have lovers and haters when it comes to the gameplay, but the best part of the game is the shootout mode.

In this mode, you play three on three, and you have to take cover behind objects and try to shoot the other team. There is no locomotion, but the immersion level of this type of gameplay is awesome, 

Because you physically have to move inside of your guardian to fight it out with other players. This aspect of dead and buried two is probably one of my favorite online multiplayer games on the quest

In this multiplayer action shooter, you can become the best gunslinger in the Wild West. You’ll have to battle it out in the old saloon. Rub a runaway car or team up with other bandits and defend against the hearts of scary creatures. Finally, you can live out your wild West’s fantasies thanks to VR

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • LIve out your Fantasy
  • Focused multiplayer matches
  • 3v3 Action Multiplayer games
  • Physically insteract with the game
Dead and Buried 2 Oculus Rift Gameplay (Oculus) - Rift S, Quest

14. Sports Scramble

oculus quest multiplayer games
  • Developer : Armature Studio
  • Genre : Fitness, Sports

In sports scramble, your most favorite sports get scrambled like never before in glorious VR. You can play tennis with a golf club, or you can play bowling with a basketball.

Take your favorite sports and mix them together and virtual reality. In this title, you can play tennis, bowling, and baseball most creatively ever, and even that is an understatement. 

Sports scramble offers single-player training, quick play, challenge modes, and, of course, you can play multiplayer on your quest online and compete against other smart scramblers around the world.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Multiple Mode
  • Awesome Fitness Games
  • Multiplayer fitness game for quest
  • Play your favorite, However you want
  • Imaginative Fluid Locomotion System
Oculus Quest - Sports Scramble Gameplay

13. Poker-Stars VR

Poker-Stars VR
  • Price : FREE
  • Genre : Casual, Social, Strategy

PokerStars, the world’s driving poker brand, has consolidated live and online poker in a genuinely vivid VR experience. 

In this game, you can Study your adversaries, get on their tells, and visit continuously just as you can Handle your chips and cards, similarly as you would at a true poker table. This is the most energizing poker game on earth. A completely vivid, social experience. 

This isn’t a bot created poker table, you can play with genuine rivals and don’t stress over chips to play with you can Unlock free chips each day and there’s a seat open for you at this moment..So Play this game Now!!!

Some Notable Features...


12. Pavlov VR (Pavlov Shack)

Best VR Games
  • Genre : VR Shooters , Action
  • Developers : Vankrupt Games

Pavlov VR is a virtual reality Counter-strike (type) shooter game which highlights many game modes, brilliant gunplay, and holding ongoing interaction that you can’t quit playing once you start.

Pavlov Shack is the quest version of the game, which was initially called Pavlov Lite. But it was initially supposed to release in December but got pushed back to an indefinite date of early 2020.

The newest version of Pavlov VR for oculus quest which is known as Pavlov Shack is now available directly through sidequest so you’ll be able to download the game onto your headset without any Errors, Viruses and it’s Absolutely FREE!

Now it’s been made significantly more comfortable to snag the game being available directly through sidequest. As you’re probably already aware, Pavlov VR is a realistic first-person multiplayer shooter coming for free to the oculus quest, and it’s unlike anything we currently have to play on the quest store.

You can read the complete guide on how to install Pavlov VR (Pavlov shack) on the oculus quest here, and If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest and want to try this game for yourself, it’s effortless to get it all set up.

So I’ve linked a couple of tutorials on how to start sideloading, or you can read the ultimate guide on sidequest. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready to go. 

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Fantastic Gunplay
  • Committed servers
  • Many Game modes
  • Definite and epic Gun designs
  • Enormous and continually dynamic online Community
New TTT Map Is The Best We've Ever Played! (PAVLOV VR)

11. Acron attack of the squirrels

oculus quest multiplayer games
  • Developer: Resolution Games
  • Genre : Asymmetrical Multiplayer game

Acorn attack of the squirrels is an asymmetric VR party game, which is a chaotic, crazy, and fun couch game. One player is in VR represented as the tree protecting their acorns.

 Meanwhile, two to eight frenemies can then grab their mobile phones to become rebel squirrels that will do anything to steal the golden acorns using an arsenal of unique abilities. 

Now the game can be played locally and also remotely with players across the world as long as you have a way to communicate with each other like using discord, for example.

 Now the game is available right now on rift quest, and all PC VR headsets on Steam and the mobile app is available on iOS and Android for free.

The game is highly addictive and must be played with at least two other people to make it work. You can do this locally, or you can go online. 

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Cross Play
  • 2 to 8 players at a Time
  • Oculus quest: Party game
  • Asymmetrical Multiplayer game
The Best Oculus Quest Party Game!

10. Drop-Dead Dual Strike

oculus quest multiplayer games
  • Genre : Shooter Oculus quest multiplayer game
  • Developers : Pixel Toys Ltd.

The drop-dead dual strike is a zombie shooter oculus quest multiplayer game. It’s plenty of fun in the game, aside from the single-player story and other modes. 

You can jump online and play co-op to hold off the hordes of zombies. It is pretty easy to find an online match because of the ever-growing community of the oculus quest.

It’s got some exciting new features as you can now dual-wield weapons, and they’ve included some melee combat as well, so if you want to get up close and personal to the undead now, you can. 

If you’ve already bought it on the rift, you’ll get the quest version for free as the developer pixel toys are supporting cross-buy which I think is totally awesome

Fighting zombies is a ton of fun anyway, but fighting zombies with someone by your side is even better. This one’s a great multiplayer game if you enjoy wave shooters.

Drop Dead Dual Strike On Oculus Quest Feels Like House Of The Dead

9. Raccoon Lagoon

best oculus quest multiplayer games
  • Genre :
  • Developers : Hidden Path Entertainment

Raccoon Lagoon is a mix between animal crossing and stardew valley. In this game, you play as a mysterious spirit whose purpose is to help a bunch of sailors that, after a big storm stranded on the island, you are inhabiting. 

They are not shy about telling you what they need. As you helped them out, you will find yourself exploring all over the island and helping them with activities like mining, fishing, farming, and also cooking.

You can invite your friends over and let them join your Island, and together, you can go on an epic adventure and dive deeper down the rabbit hole.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Become a Spirit
  • Unlimited activities to Do
  • Explore the world with Friends and Family
Raccoon Lagoon VR on Oculus Quest – ADORABLE Island Life Simulator!

8. Rec Room VR

FREE VR Multiplayer Games
  • Price : FREE
  • Genre : Arcade, Social, Sports

Rec Room is an Online multiplayer so you can play around with individuals from everywhere throughout the world.There are numerous fun, magnificent and drawing in exercises like Paintball, Co-operation journeys intended to be played with your companions considerably more fun easygoing minigames

There are thousands of player-created games and occasion spaces for you to find. You can even form your own rooms with your team-mates.

The best component of this game is that Rec Room is cross-stage so you can play with companions on Rift, Vive, PlayStation VR, Windows VR, and so on

Some Notable Features...

  • Cross-platform
  • Casual minigames
  • Online multiplayer
  • Build your own rooms
  • Customize your appearance
  • Interacting and engaging activities
  • Thousands of player-created games and Rooms
I LOVE SPORTS BALL! | Rec Room (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

7. Racket Fury

top vr sports games
  • Genre : Sports
  • Developer : 10Ants Hill, Pixel Edge Games

This is a definitive Table Tennis simulator , “The Racket Fury”. The gameplay itself is straightforward yet addictive. There are AI adversaries extending from entirely simple, excessively damn near unimaginable. There is additionally many mini-games intended to improve your exactness, serve and coordination.

The situations are simple yet compelling. Best of all , the Racket Fury community is extremely dynamic and cordial, something of an irregularity in VR multiplayer titles. You can Play with rivals in online multiplayer or practise against cutting edge AI.

It offers one thing that no other Virtual simulation title yet can, and that is a truly close guess to a genuine game. With material science intended to be as genuine as ever accomplished in a Table Tennis simulator, you will overlook you are in VR.

The majority of this implies you can genuinely lose yourself in this title. It nearly fools your psyche into deduction you are playing the genuine article. Simply be mindful so as not to incline toward that table, it isn’t generally there!

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Active Community
  • Enthusiastic multiplayer network
  • Brilliant amusement of a true sport
  • A close approximation to an actual sport
Racket Fury: Table Tennis - Launch Trailer | PS VR

6. Rush VR

Sports VR Games
  • Genre : Flying, Racing, Simulation
  • Developer : The Binary Mill

Dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of Rush a VR game and where you soar down mountain sights at breakneck speeds.

 In Rush, there are over 90 tracks to master, wast considerable environments to explore, and dominate the leaderboard. Fly through canyons and plummet down sheer drops as you race towards the finish line.

This title features multiple game modes like -- race to the finish, time attack, and score challenge. Each mode requires a different set of skills and strategies to succeed. You even have the option to challenge up to 11 of your friends online.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Feel the wind
  • Over 90 tracks
  • Numerous Game modes
  • Upto 11 players at a time
  • Astonishing Environments
Crazy Virtual Reality Wingsuit! - RUSH Gameplay - VR HTC Vive Pro

5. Arizona Sunshine VR

Best VR Multiplayer Games
  • Genre : Action, FPS
  • Developers : Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Arizona Sunshine is an Action, Shooter and Horror game by Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Arizona Sunshine means Virtual reality meets the zombie apocalypse!

When you hear a human voice on the radio, your hopes surge – Armed with little more than your motion-controlled weapons and the incredibly detailed weapons, ammo and consumables you find along the way. 

You need to navigate through the hordes of zombies coming for your body, brain… in your desperate search for human contact, you have to survive the endless hordes of hungry zombies

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Very Detailed guns
  • Variety of Weapons and Consumables
  • Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Action Game
THEY WANT TO EAT ME | Arizona Sunshine (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

4. Creed: Rise to Glory

top vr sports games
  • Price : $29.99
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

You are Adonis Creed, battling head to head with the world’s top rivals to build up your boxing inheritance. This serious true to life experience includes new Phantom Melee Technology for effective VR skirmish battle so you can prepare, battle, and win like Creed.

Challenge both your body and psyche as you experience the rising of Adonis Creed from unfamiliar dark horse to world-class warrior. This game accompanies Multiple Game Modes like store-driven Career, adjustable Freeplay, or minigame-based Training.

Got the stuff to turn into a hero?

Some Notable Features...

GET BEAT UP IN BOXING SIMULATOR - Creed: Rise to Glory VR Boxing - HTC Vive Pro Gameplay

3. Orbus VR: Reborn

  • Genre : Adventure, RPG, Social
  • Developer : Orbus Online, LLC

Orbus VR is an MMO RPG that lets you discover a colossal open-world that is jam-packed with endless quests group rates and a lot more. 

I’m not going to spoil the fun here, but the possibilities are endless-- you can swing a sword, cast the spells to harvest ingredients, and even if you feel like it catches the fish that’s just a little bit of the content Orbus VR reborn has to offer

Orbus VR is currently the only online VR RPG on the quest, and if you like RPGs, then it’s worth a look. The depth of the game is excellent, and the gameplay is a lot of fun.

 There are a lot of unique and supportive people on Orbus VR, so it’s a great community to become a part of and start questing. With the ever-growing amount of content and the weekly challenges along with the main game, there are hundreds of hours worth of RPG goodness.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Limitless content
  • Active Community
  • Online multiplayer RPG VR Games
Orbus VR #1 Becoming a wizard in the first Virtual Reality MMORPG! (Oculus Rift Gameplay)

2. Racket NX

Sports VR Games
  • Genre : Arcade, Social, Sports
  • Developer: One Hamsa

Racket NX is a new kind of game that challenges the limits of what you can do with a racket and a ball in VR. It features two single-player modes, a campaign, an endless runner plus a multiplayer mode that supports cross-platform so you can play against quest or PC players.

My absolute favorite online multiplayer game has to be racket NX because this game takes racketball to the next level by throwing you into a dome and making you battle it out against an online opponent to destroy the targets with the ball. 

There are two modes of online multiplayer, one mode is just a fun online mode to play around with friends, and the other is a ranked game where you fight head to head to win to increase your online ranking.

 Racket NX is one of the most fun game; you can have in VR multiplayer as far as I’m concerned. Just be careful not to punch a wall or knock over a lamp in the process.

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Fun challenges
  • Racket ball in VR
  • Fun and awesome gameplay
  • Battle online with the community
Oculus Quest Racket NX Review - The Perfect Fit For Quest Gaming

1. VR Chat

FREE VR Multiplayer Games
  • Price : FREE
  • Genre : Art/Creativity, Exploration, Social

Join the developing network as you investigate, play, and help create the eventual fate of social VR. Make universes and custom symbols. Welcome to VRChat

Envision an existence where the sky is the limit. In VRChat there is something for everybody, on account of the intensity of genuine client produced content. Bounce into many dazzling situations and meet novel symbols consistently.

Feeling dynamic? Feeling progressively inventive? Whatever your mind-set, they have something for you.

Some Notable Features...

  • Future of social VR
  • Create Worlds
  • Create custom avatars
  • True user-generated content
  • Astonishing and Spectacular environments
VR Chat #8 - I'm the REAL Pewdiepie!!

Those my friends were 15 oculus quest multiplayer games that you can dive into with the oculus quest. Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite multiplayer game on the quest.

While, my favorite multiplayer game is Racket NX and VR chat, the other ones are great as well. 

If you have any other suggestions of what I should write about, let us all know in the comments below

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