All Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Games and Apps​ supported & Confirmed

All Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Games and Apps supported & Confirmed

Oculus Quest hand tracking is here and it’s pretty cool but also pretty limited for now. But starting this week developers are finally getting their hands on the development kit and oculus quest hand tracking sdk and they are starting to add the hand tracking feature to their games and apps.

The Oculus Quest has received several new features and announcements in recent months, but hand tracking coming to quest is may be the most significant, biggest and exciting one.

So let’s go over everything that you can currently use with your hands and everything that we know that’s confirmed to be in the works and they may be coming sooner than you think.

"All Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Games and Apps"

Hand Tracking on Oculus Quest | Oculus Connect 6

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What can you do with Oculus quest hand tracking right now?

Quest hand tracking
So here’s the list of what you can do with oculus quest hand tracking right now:
The whole menu end-user interface is fully supported with hand navigation. This includes home settings, library store and everything else on the headset’s main interface.
 It also includes the gallery so you can browse and view your screenshots and videos with your hands. Then you’ve got the entire oculus suite of applications supporting hand navigation from day one like the internet browser so you won’t need touch controllers to browse the web anymore on the Oculus quest.
Quest Hand tracking

Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, discord or whatever else you want to browse for on the web can all be navigated using hand tracking even before some of these native apps get the feature like Netflix and YouTube.

Then there’s Oculus TV which is the hub for all the video content you could ever need including immersive 360 and 180 content. The platform supports services like Fandango, ESPN, Showtime, and Fox and now you can watch these services with oculus quest hand tracking feature

Now, 100% CONFIRMED Games and Apps that will support Oculus quest hand tracking soon

quest hand tracking games and apps
As for stuff that’s been 100% confirmed to support Oculus quest hand tracking is coming very shortly.
Let’s start with big screen, so big screen lets you watch movies and TV shows with friends in many different virtual environments like a living room, a home theatre or a cinema and more.
You can even play your favorite PC video games on a huge virtual screen. The big screen lets you hang out in social VR chat rooms, watch TV shows, movies and other screen-based content on a shared virtual screen with friends and strangers all over the world on big screens.
 The user interface is built around pushing buttons with your index finger so it’s only a natural fit for the Oculus quest hand tracking application.

Then, a game called Titans of space plus is an educational app that brings you on a tour of the solar system said to support hand tracking capability.

quest hand tracking games

The app is currently listed on the quest store as coming soon but hasn’t released yet they’ve said hand tracking will not be available at launch so don’t expect it right away but it is planned for later so we’ll wait and see.

 Also, there are lots of different toys and props that you can play with your hands as well it’ll be great to see this kind of implementation rather than the counter-intuitive gesture-based control system that the quests home menu has going on.

The coming soon list of Games and apps for hand tracking support

quest hand tracking

On the coming soon list for hand tracking support, first of all we have, The curious tale of the stolen pets.

 The curious tale is an interactive tale where you help your grandfather solve the mystery of the stolen pets by exploring wonderful miniature worlds. 

Proceed through the game by solving light puzzles using your hands, you grip, push, drop and spin the numerous interactive elements in each world to trigger clues or to reveal hidden pets.

This game currently simulates your hands like some sort of glowing orb that you can use to interact with the world. So it’ll be super neat to see how they incorporate your actual hands into the game giving a greater sense of immersion and more intuitive controls.
 Fast travel games told upload VR that “they are looking into hand tracking and that the game will very likely get support soon”
oculus quest hand tracking games
And then another no-brainer is virtual desktop. Virtual desktop is an application that lets you wirelessly control your PC or laptop on a virtual monitor inside VR. 
You can browse the web, watch movies or Netflix or even play your steam or other PC games on a giant virtual screen and for those of us using the side-loaded version it’s a great way to play steam VR and oculus rift games wirelessly.
The waltz of the wizard can be the perfect fit for hand tracking . The newly released sandbox spell crafting game with a significant amount of interaction on the same scale of job simulator and now it’s been confirmed to use hand tracking.
The waltz of wizard has always been a fantastic showcase of room-scale VR and what makes VR interaction so great.
The whole game is played using virtual hand-based interactions currently simulated by the oculus touch controllers but removing the controller’s altogether will make an already great game that much better. 
I believe this game will be the showpiece that you want to use to introduce your friends and family to the wonder of hand-tracking VR gameplay.
 The developers have said that a special surprise is coming later this year and this has to be with the surprises. They’ve already confirmed the game will support it sometime in the near future so get hyped. 

So that’s all the games and apps that support and “will” support Oculus quest hand tracking and that’s all we know so far.

So three games, the entire suite of oculus first-party apps and the other few our utility apps but still great to see the hand tracking integration. But which one of these are you most excited to try out and what do you hope to see in the next wave VR games and madness.

Hit me up in the comments below and thanks for visiting and sharing VR Marvelites and make sure to read other awesome VR articles on VR Marvelites. 

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